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Saber's Edge

Rule the Seven Skies!

Epic role playing action and adventure await! Collect, upgrade, and lead the perfect pirate crew. Fight intense RPG battles filled with strategy, factions, character classes, team attacks, spells, and special combos. Win rewards and treasure in quests, daily bounties, and missions across the Seven Skies!

Developed and published by Hibernum, Saber’s Edge takes players to an all-new universe where magic and technology collide. Over 15 character traits add layers of strategy to fun and fast combat. Beautiful, 3D rendered graphics bring the universe to life.

Free to download, Saber’s Edge is easy to pick up and play, and has multiple layers of depth and story for hours of fun and adventure.

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About the project

August 2016
Service Provided
Full Game Development

  • Recruit and collect over 35 heroes, each with unique powers and abilities
  • Explore an all-new universe and journey across 3 unique worlds filled with hundreds of battles, challenges, and adventure.
  • Use team tactics and character placement to outmaneuver opponents. Combo attacks, enemy variety, and a unique rotating puzzle board add depth and strategy to action-packed combat.
  • Forge custom weapons with thousands of unique combinations: the one-of-a-kind dynamic fusion system in Saber’s Edge makes every crafting choice important.
  • Moving battlefields and 3D animated characters add beauty and depth, bringing Saber’s Edge to life.

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