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Dread Nautical

Twisted monstrosities overrun a cruise liner. Those who remain struggle to regain control of the ship. Rooms change shape, the legion of death grows strong, and insanity takes hold.

Dread Nautical is a randomly generated turn-based survival RPG that builds on many rogue-like elements.

Band together.
Know madness incarnate.

The sea is not the sea. The mountains are not mountains, they are giants.

Developed with support from the CMF.

About the project

Service Provided
Full Game Development

  • 100% Hibernum’s original property, 100% from Quebec
  • The game offers a unique gaming experience every time you play
  • Survival in a unique, rich and diverse universe where everything seems hopeless
  • Every decision has an emotional, tactical or strategic impact
  • Financial support from the Canada Media Fund (CMF)
  • Showcased at the International Game Developers Association’s DemoNight 2016 in Montreal

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