Saber's Edge Update: Hard Mode

Published on November 22, 2016

Saber’s Edge just got harder, but easier too! Are you up for the hardest challenge yet?

We noticed that a lot of you were looking for an extra challenge, even after competing in the PvP tournaments. This is why we decided to add a new hard mode for the Main Quests!

Once completed at normal difficulty, you can replay the Main Quests for better rewards and a greater challenge. This also means that we made the normal quest a bit easier so that more of you guys can see the entire Saber’s Edge story but also reach Hard mode and face the real challenge. 

We have also greatly improved the odds of getting gear in the Daily Missions. You should now be able to acquire more of the gear you need almost every time you complete one of the Daily Missions.

The Hard Mode also comes with a couple of minor fixes that help improve everything from stability to visual bugs. 

Get the new update right now and start your domination over the Sever Skies, again!
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