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Hibernum is a game development and animation studio based in Montreal. Our games are played around the world.

A creative powerhouse, Hibernum delivers best-in-class visuals and animations with proven monetization and viral mechanics. Through a brand- and product-first approach, Hibernum offers the expertise needed to gain a competitive edge in the crowded gaming industry. The team’s experience and knowledge in the field of brand creation and game development position Hibernum to provide its partners with a turnkey solution for their gaming development strategies.

The team’s experience on hundreds of video games—from AAA console to casual mobile—allows us to fully understand the needs of our clients and create lasting brands and games. Whether you are looking to create a mobile game for the first time or are a world renowned publisher, Hibernum is the partner you are looking for!

  • 2004

    Inspired by his love of graphic arts, technology, and brand creation, Frederick Faubert founds Hibernum.

  • 2006
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    Hibernum builds a reputation as a leading art development studio. Key partners include Ubisoft, Mega Brands and others.

  • 2009

    The crew builds its first full game (Scrabble Facebook). Hibernum evolves into one of the first transmedia studios, with expertise in animation, art, and games.

  • 2010

    Louis-René Auclair joins Frederick and the Hibernum team as a partner. At the same time, a team of mobile game veterans joins the studio to focus on business development and new opportunities The influx of new talent puts Hibernum on the path to becoming one of the top game development studios in Canada.

  • 2011

    Hibernum launches its first original game. Imagined and brought to life by Hibernum employees, Blockolicious solidifies Hibernum’s reputation as a top-of-the-line brand and game creator, and a driving force in the puzzle category.

  • 2012

    The studio continues to grow, exploring new worlds and adding high-profile partners such as Cartoon Network, Disney, Eidos, EA Mobile, Konami, Lego, Ubisoft, and Warner Bros.

  • 2013

    A Hibernum game reaches the 20 million player mark for the first time. The studio’s biggest successes to date are Disney Infinity Action and Lego City.

  • 2014

    Investissement Québec joins Hibernum’s team of creators and explorers, announcing a $5 million investment in the studio.

  • 2015

    Hibernum evolves into an industry leader in job flexibility and work-life balance for employees, announcing full flex-time and much more!

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